kazey | introduction


"the photos you captured of me look like something that would be on the front of a magazine. amazing."


  • i'm a professional photographer and artist in fort worth, texas specializing in inventional portraiture - an edgy brand of cinematic, role-play imagery akin to movie posters and magazine covers (learn more)

  • i provide inspired imagery for both commercial and personal clients

  • my background as a creative in the film, television, music, and audio industries provides a well-rounded pallet of technical skills, artistic insight, and practical experience from which to draw for my preferred medium, photography

  • i've developed a distinctive style of portraiture that combines creative lighting and narrative elements to produce evocative and striking imagery

  • i've also shot dynamic portraits for athletes and musicians, as well as promotional and editorial content for susan g. komen, men's health, merrell, jockey, cancer survivorship center, event 360, inc., human movement inc., kodiak tough, red frog events, rugged maniac, savage race, the national multiple sclerosis society, trailled, and other commercial clients


  • as an artist, i’m compelled to craft dynamic photos that are both aesthetically unique and technically exceptional

  • my inventional shoots are productions - with extensive r&d, elaborate sets, props, and costuming - and i treat every frame with equally high levels of originality and proficiency

  • at a time when pictures are being produced and displayed daily more than any other time in history, my clients’ photos stand out above others


  • i started in film photography as a child and initially aspired to be a wildlife photographer

  • my affinities for movies, storytelling, and dramatic lighting ultimately directed me to cinematic portraiture

  • my main inspiration was my childhood kodak viewmaster, and the vibrancy and dimensionality of the viewmaster slides are apparent in my work today


  • i'm keenly attentive to my clients and their ambitions to ensure my services and creations are tightly aligned with their visions, and that they are delighted with both their final images and the experience of working together

  • i approach each assignment with an outgoing texan charisma

  • i welcome the opportunity to connect with new clients and find their stories

  • together, we create the moment

  • please visit my contact page for connection details


  • i have extensive travel and location experience

  • i offer total portability for professional, studio-quality lighting on location

  • i'm available and documented for both domestic and international assignments

  • i’m also appropriately insured and licensed for business

current projects


  • i love the creative and technical duality of photography

  • my images convey a similar dichotomy – capturing the beauty in simplicity and the fascination in the ordinary

  • photography lets me see the everyday in a different way, and i aspire to share that vision with others


  • professional photographers of america

  • nikon professional services


  • kodak viewmaster

  • annie leibovitz

  • lady gaga

personal info

  • i’m a 6-foot tall, tree-hugging jeep owner, closet steampunk, and wannabe action hero, with bohemian style and a great sense of humor

  • despite my busy schedule, you can often find me mountain biking, prop shopping, or on the sofa in front of the tv trying to catch up on chip & joanna gaines, kimmy schmidt, or the walking dead while being crushed under the weight of my 80-pound lap dog