"oh i love this! well done!!!!"

- m.j.s. (celebrity pro photographer)

“you have gone above and beyond for us on the shoot!! the pictures are amazing!!”

- p.h. (client mom)

"i love your work and want everyone to know! you are amazing!!"

- n.m. (client)

"it is inspirational. it is gorgeous. it reminds me of who I am and what is important to me."

- h.y. (client & "tiger mom")

"your work is amazing! i stood in front of several of them, creating stories in my head. great job!!"

- m.p. (show patron)

"your love of film noir and mystery films shows. wonderful."

- b.j. (pro photographer)

“you are seriously the coolest person i have had the pleasure of meeting. love, love, love the pictures! you were so good with the kids and you have such a great eye!! thank you for graciously sharing your gift and talents with us!”

- k.n. (client mom)

“you are by far the best photographer i’ve seen so far. keep up the great work!”

- b.y. (client)

"soooo amazing!! you do fantastic work lady!"

- t.m. (client)

"love it! you are so fun and good to work with, too."

- n.c. (client)

“i love kazey's retro noir vibe.”

- s.p. (client)

"we would absolutely 100% hire you to do another photo shoot in the future because we think you and your photos are great! :)"

- m.l. (client mom)

"this woman seriously has a creative eye and the ability to take beautiful photos!"

- b.k. (client & theater director)

“i’m still amazed with her use of lighting. her shots are some of the most innovative i’ve had done. she's able to capture that “perfect shot” at every session.”

- a.s. (client & rock star)

"kazey is a brilliant photographer and artist. she has an amazing eye and is able to execute it beautifully and create the art that she envisions."

- n.c. (client & model)

"just wanted to give you a "high five" for the excellent images. great job framing and excellent use of backlighting. super shots!"

- j.h. (client & elite athlete)

"there is no mistake why kazey is an excellent photographer. she has natural talent with a relentless work ethic."

- k.h. (client)

"you never disappoint! i love them all, very thought provoking. thanks for sharing your talent."

- k.s. (show patron)

"i'm still amazed at how hard you work to get the great shots! thanks!"

- l.b. (client)

"the photos you captured of me look like something that would be on the front of a magazine. amazing."

- g.r. (client)

"the difference between your shots and those of other photographers is readily apparent to even an untrained eye like my own."

- h.w (client)

"floored by your amazing work and thrilled to be a part of it. phenomenal!"

- g.s. (client)

"it’s amazing what kazey captured … much more than an image.”

- l.m. (pro photographer)

“kazey really captures that rock image.”

- g.s (client)

"i love the pictures you take. you are awesome!"

- s.p. (client & athlete)

"awesome experience! very professional and photos were fantastic! i've done 2 shoots and hope to do more!"

- b.m. (client)

"talented. creative. artistic. professional. by far, one of the most talented photographers i have ever seen. she went above and beyond, and produced spectacular photos in a timely manner. i highly recommend her."

- d.h. (client & commercial graphic artist)

“i love them!!! the color and lighting are just fantastic! you are very talented!”

- k.n. (client)