he's an engineer. she's a vp at an architecture firm. together they wanted a couples portrait that was "fun and different". i sold them on the pulp concept pretty quickly. i rounded up some antiques to style the set, then assembled the wardrobe. there's just something about being in character that gets people tickled. and getting the 'perfect shot' was a bit challenging on this one because we were all laughing so hard. they absolutely loved the final image, which i crafted to look like a vintage pulp magazine cover.



she's a theatre art director, stage manager, and educator. one day at her favorite costume shop, she saw this dress and the rest, as they say, is history. after some research, i put together the props and accessories, and we ventured into a cornfield just after sunrise on a school day. we refer to this portrait as "frontier woman" and, like women of that era, it portrays her indomitable dedication to home and family, her grace, and her inspiring strength and confidence.



she's general counsel and diversity director for a national pilots' union, a harvard alumna, mother of three, and self-proclaimed 'tiger mom'. she wanted a unique portrait that characterized the resolve with which she would protect her children. i developed the concept, assembled all the props and wardrobe, and we shot "tiger mom" with her daughter near her home. her exact words on the final image were, "it is inspirational. it is gorgeous. it reminds me of who I am and what is important to me." she ordered a three-foot canvas print.



she's a geographic information systems professional, a cartographer with a u.s. federal agency, an athlete, and a cosplayer. i met her at comic con while in her catwoman persona and we later connected at an abandoned plant to create her character portraits. she provided her own costume on this one and as it turned out, she had previously surveyed via helicopter the location i chose. working with her was a real treat and her final images drew a lot of favor and positive feedback from the cosplay community.



she's a manager at a multinational financial services corporation, a cyclist, and a pet mom. one morning while getting dressed, her spouse upon seeing her wearing only lingerie and argyle socks said, "damn. that should be a picture." so it became and her spouse loved this final image. i assembled the wardrobe, props, and accessories, and chose an olden warehouse for this timeless b&w portrait of her with another woman. this was another fun one with client, talent, and crew in constant stitches. she had it easy - hiding her smile in her hands against the wall. our model didn't have it so easy trying to keep a straight face.



my clients are not professional actors or models. most don't even identify as extroverts or creatives. they're just enterprising people that come to me with wish-list adjectives like different, artistic, memorable, clever, meaningful, innovative, personal, dynamic, or exceptional. i make it fun and easy for everyone to fall into character. they all enjoy the experience and love their final images. if you want a run-of-the-mill portrait staring at the camera in everyday wear, i'm not the photographer for you. but if you want something that's cinematic, stylish, imaginative, theatrical, dramatic, intimate, distinctive, telling, expressive, representational, or deep, then let's connect. create. capture. my lens is a blank canvas waiting to reveal your story, alter-ego, fantasy, secret identity, or history. leave the research, shopping, set design, special effects, and other production tasks to me and let's create the moment. contact me to share your story and exchange ideas.